Trevor Harvey Art

  Exclusive Fine Art prints direct from the artist

My name's Trevor Harvey and I live in the south east of England in the county of Kent. 

I enjoy watching my local non league football team, F1 motor racing and just being out and about making art in my own personal way.

I have always enjoyed art and over the years have experimented in various fields, culminating in the use of  2 dimensional computer graphics you see here.

I digitally 'paint' directly onto the screen of my computer to make the images you see here using 2D computer graphics which reflect how I would draw using a pencil and a piece of paper, in this case though the image is on the computer screen and the instrument I am drawing with is a mouse. What is generated on my screen appears to be drawn with a paintbrush or pencil.

The process requires many hours of work before the final image is complete; many times it takes me longer than actually producing a watercolour painting but with the advantage I no longer have to clear up the mess or clean out the brushes. 

Which immensely pleases my Dear Lady....

I hope you enjoy my offerings.